Team Biographies
                                  Dream Cinema Productions LLC. International is a Film Production Company base out of Hollywood California. Dream Cinema has a slate of films that have been Theatrical Releases and distributed worldwide and very successfully accepted by all audiences. Our company is on a new path to produce very high quality and successful slate of new films to start production very soon. We work with the highest and most respectful producers, actors and directors in the industry.

                                  Some of our team members:

                       Ray Michaels Quiroga - CEO /Producer / Actor / Director and with many years of experience in the business. Ray has a very impressive resume on IMDB in all aspects of the industry. Also a Halo award winner and a short film that was in consideration for the Oscars."In Transit". 

                       Todd Needham - Producer / Line Producer known for T.V. shows such as " Swamp People", "Chasing Storms", "In 60 Days", " Wedding Chasers".

                       John D. Schofield - Oscar winning Producer, " Gerry Mcguire", "Band of Brothers", "The Brothers Grim", "City of Amber".

                       Roland Pellegrino - Producer, " The Austin Power Films".

                       Alicia G. - Producer / Actress, " Mansion of Blood", " The Extra", "Cotton", "Unknowns".

                      Mike Quiroga - Producer / Actor, " Mansion of Blood", "The Extra".

                      James Fargo - Director / Producer, " Every Which Way But Loose", " The Enforcer", " Under the Shadows", " Dirty Harry", 1st A.D. to Steven Spielberg on all three Jaws films.

                      John C. Buechler - Director / Producer, " Freddy vs Jason Part 6","Hatchet 2", "Hidden Valley The Awakening".

                      Justin Goby Fields - Director / Special Effects, CEO of "Iron Clad Studios".  Creature Creator for, "Goose Bumps", " Planet of the Apes", ' Noah", "Maleficent".

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